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All libraries have printers available to students and visitors.  

Paying for printing. A Panthercard or visitor card is required to pay for printing.  

Currently enrolled Perimeter College students who attend classes on campus have $7.50 per semester for printing and copying accessible from their Panthercard.  Students may add additional funds (Panthercash) to the Panthercard.  

Students and visitors may purchase a Guest card for printing. Guest cards must be purchased with cash (dollar bills are recommended).  The refillable card is purchased for $1, then a minimum of $1 deposit is required.

Cost.  Black and white prints are six cents each.  Photocopying is ten cents per page. Color printing is 50 cents per page.

Steps to print from a library desktop computer.

  1. Log into a computer (not the print station computer) and open the document you want to print. If the document is in icollege or opens in a browser, save the file to the desktop before opening -- Be sure you delete it before you log off!
  2. Send your document to the printer. The best way is usually a printing format button. If none is available, use File>Print.
  3. Choose the appropriate print queue for your campus.  (This should be the default, but sometimes it get changed.) The print queue will send your document to both black and white and color printers; you will be charged according to which printer you use. The print queues are:
    • Alpharetta Campus: alpspool on Mitchell
    • Clarkston Campus: classpool on Oneill
    • Decatur Campus: decspool on Tealc
    • Dunwoody Campus: dunspool on Jackson
    • Newton Campus: newtspool on Carter
  4. A window will pop up that prompts you to enter your username and job name.  The username is the name you used to log into the computer.  The job name is anything you want it to be -- just name it something so you'll know which document you're printing.  If you send multiple jobs, give them different names.
  5. Go to the print station computer and enter your username and password.  
  6. Swipe your PantherCard or Guest card when prompted.
  7. A list of your print jobs should come up.  Select the job you want to print. (Use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to highlight more than one.)   
  8. Near the bottom of the screen you will see the balance on your card (in bold) and the cost of the print job (not in bold).
  9. When you are ready, click "Print."
  10. The print job should print. If it is a large document with images or a PDF, it may take some time to print.

Note: Any print jobs you do not print will be deleted from the queue after a period of time. You will not be charged for unprinted documents.

Steps to print from the wireless network.

If you have problems with printing, ask a library staff member.


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