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Most Georgia State University Library databases allow you access with just your Georgia State credentials when you log in through the database links on the library homepage.

However, occasionally you will reach a resource that does not automatically ask for your Georgia State username and password. It may be that the database requires a different authentication (log in) method or it may be that you've accessed the database, or article in the database, through another path -- for example, you find an article through Google Scholar or go directly to a database website.

In many of these cases, you can log in through "OpenAthens." Unfortunately, the path to log in through OpenAthens is different from one resource to another, but the following instructions are a general guide.

1. Look for a prompt that asks you to log in through your institution, organization or library, like this:

"Log in through your library" link screenshot

Some may only have a general Log in Link, then give you an opportunity to choose OpenAthens, as shown below. In this case, click on OpenAthens.

"OpenAthens" log in link screenshot


2. Sometimes you will get another page asking if you want to sign in with your email/username and password or through an institutional account. Select Institutional account

You may also be asked about your "Federation." Choose Open Athens as your Federation.

3. From here, select Georgia State University as your institution. You may have to select a country or University System of Georgia before you get to an opportunity to pick Georgia State University. 

screenshot showing search for Georgia State in Open Athens log in.


4. This should get you to the familiar GSU log in page.

One of the great things about OpenAthens is that once you're logged in, it "remembers" that you're logged in as long as you have an active session or for about 8 hours so you will not need to log into each individual resource.

If you are still having issues, you may wish to log in via VPN. How do I log in via VPN?

If you have problems accessing a database or article that looks like it should be available, please contact a librarian for assistance.

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