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If you have located the article in EBSCO or Proquest databases, and are viewing the articles information page, you can click on the linked title of the journal to find out more information about the journal, as can be seen in the image below.

article information page with attention drawn to the source journal link

This will take you to a publication details page of information on the journal, including whether or not it is peer reviewed. Look for it at the bottom, as highlighted in the picture below.

publication details on a journal with the peer reviewed information highlighted

The ultimate reference for finding if a journal is peer-reviewed is a database called UlrichsWeb. Search for the name of the Journal (not the title of the article). Below is the first two results seen after doing a search for a journal.

A list from Ulrich showing what a journal result looks like, with an arrow pointing to the referee symbol showing it is peer reviewed.

Once you find the correct journal, look for the referee symbol on the left side. This symbol indicates that a journal is peer-reviewed. (Peer-reviewed articles may also be called scholarly, academic, or refereed.)

For information about how to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles see the FAQ: How can I find peer-reviewed or scholarly journal articles?

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