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If you have the full citation you can use the citation linker on the Journals tab.  You can also use the search box on this tab to search by Journal title to see which databases contain that journal and which years.  See this video clip showing how to find a journal. 

If you only have the title: 

1. Enter the title in the Discover search box on the library homepage and click “search”, as shown in the image below.  

Enter search term in Discover search box screenshot

2. If you get too many results, try one or more of these options: 

  • Put the title in quotes, Example: "Emperor Penguins on the Square" 

  • Add the author's last name as a search term. Example: Emperor Penguins on the Square and Xiang 

  • Going to Advanced Search (see image below)...
    The Advanced Search link is just below the search box in the Discover search.

  • ...Then use the dropbox box in Advanced Search to specify that you are searching by title, as shown in the image below. (Note that you can also search within the author field.)
    Screenshot shows title in quotes and the Title field selected in the dropbox box.

3. If none of these work: 


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