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You need to cite a source when you use someone else's research, words, or ideas in your paper.   

 When you use someone's exact words, that is an exact quote. When using an exact quote, you put the other person's words in quotations marks. If it's a long quote, you set the other's persons words apart by putting them in block quote, which is a separate block of text indented more than the rest of the text. 

 If you are using another person ideas, but putting it in your own words (paraphrasing), or using facts derived from someone else's research, you do not need to use quotation marks, but you still need to cite the source. 

Purdue OWL is a great resource to also visit for more details on how to format citations and how to include them. You’ll find an MLA guide, APA guide, and a Chicago guide on the left-hand side. 

 Here's a video from Bainbridge College that explains more: 

For more help, ask a librarian. 


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