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Yes!   While you're in the Word document you're creating, look for the "References" tab.  Then look for the section, "Citations and Bibliography."


References tab in Word

1. Click on "Manage Sources" to enter the bibliographic information about sources you are planning to use.  (You can also wait to enter the information as you go in step 3.)

2. Choose the citation style you want using the pull down menu in "Style."

3. When you get to the point in your paper where you are ready to insert the citation, use the "Insert Citation" pull down box to locate the source you want to use.  (If you haven't enters the source using Manage Sources, you can enter the source information at that point.)

4. When you're done writing, use the "Bibliography" feature to create a Works Cited page.  

Nifty, huh?

Here's a video that demonstrates this feature:

How to Use the References Tab in Word video (4:53) -- opens in YouTube

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