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Sometimes you might notice items in the library catalog marked as "On Reserve."  Sometimes your professor might tell you that a book or other item is "on reserve" for your class in the library.  "On Reserve" means that an item (book, lab samples, print article) only goes out for a short period of time (2 hours to one week). Many reserve items (especially those with 2-3 hour loan periods) are only for use in the library.  Others may be restricted to on-campus use while others can be removed from campus. Electronic reserve items can be viewed on any computer with an internet connection; they require is a password you must obtain from your course professor.

Reserve items are typically in high demand.  Keeping an item "on reserve" helps ensure that every student in a class has a chance to use the item.  Especially valuable items or items owned by the faculty may also be placed on reserve.

To encourage prompt return, fines and fees are significantly higher on reserve items than regular items.

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