Answered By: Eileen Kramer
Last Updated: Aug 24, 2017     Views: 564

Update, 10/14/2016:

Availability of the Respondus LockDown Browser varies from campus to campus, so students are advised to check with their specific campus. Student computers and laptops at the Atlanta Campus have LockDown Browser installed. Some Perimeter campus libraries have the LockDown Browser on student computers, but some faculty require that students use a camera as well as the LockDown Browser. For instances when a student needs a camera as well, they should ask about borrowing a laptop in the library. 

In some cases, the Respondus license has expired, so that even those computers and laptops that have the Respondus LockDown Browser loaded, may not function properly. Students are encouraged to confirm with library staff that Respondus is working properly. (ahm)


The Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special, secure browser designed for taking quizzes and tests. It is NOT Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome; you use Respondus instead of one of these browsers.

To take an exam using Respondus Lockdown Browser on a Perimeter College computer, check that the computer you are using has a logo shaped like a gold or brass padlock on the screen. Click that logo, select iCollege from the QuickLinks, and then open the exam and take it.

You can also contact the GSU Help Desk to learn about installing the Lockdown Browser on your own computer.